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Thinking about a remake, are you interested? Thu Feb 21 03:29am
EDIT: Due to the amazing response I have seen in the last 6 hours, visit for more info about this idea

Alright, not sure how much traffic this site still gets, but I thought I would post here anyways. I have long considered remaking/advancing WC3FT from scratch, even tried to get it started back in 2010 (aka WC3NG), but other things got in the way and I never got anywhere. So, I want to engage the public and see if there is even interest in this. If I get enough votes, I will start planning stuff and get a site up and running where I can list planned features and even how to apply to a group where you can give me ideas, respond to ideas I have, and even participate in a Closed Alpha/Beta.

You can vote in the poll by going to

If you are really interested in this idea, please encourage others to vote. The more votes I get, the more I will be convinced that the remake is needed and the more motivation I will have. Even if you are running your own modified version of wc3ft, I encourage you to vote as this new version will be much easier to customize and add features to than wc3ft.
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Developer Builds Available Fri May 28 11:22pm
I have decided to open up the ability for the public to submit fixes and get pre-packaged SVN releases.

To submit a fix, simply attach or post a link to a patch in a Bug Report. Fixes will only be accepted if they are diffs/patches, code blocks or hand-written instructions will not be accepted.

To view the builds, simply visit http://dev.projectyami.net/war3ft/list

Builds are generated automatically at 01, 07, 13, 19 hours server time (UTC/GMT). If a build is missing, then it either failed, hasn't been built yet, or wasn't the latest at the time of the build.

I will be implementing a new version reference in the plugin later tonight/weekend. This way the version number increases with each auto-build. Essentially, the version reported in amx_plugins will become "3.0.0-dev" and a new command will be added that lets you figure out which build you are using. The command will only be accurate if you are using one of the auto-build versions, SVN downloads will display "SVN" as the build version. More information will come later after I implement it.

Any questions or issues, feel free to post them.
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Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - Version 3.0 RC13 for Download Mon Feb 2 05:12am
v3.0 RC13
- Bug Fix: [FS#83] Changed on_ResetHud to Ham_Spawn
- Bug Fix: [FS#132] Chameleon deletes skill selections
- Bug Fix: [FS#136] bots fix for cz
- Bug Fix: [FS#133] show player item fix
- Bug Fix: [FS#134] Cheating on item prices
- Bug Fix: [FS#92] solution against detecting moles (angle of view)
- Bug Fix: [FS#131] shadow hunter coconut fix
- Bug Fix: [FS#123] No serpent wards after respawning.
- Change: Remade ADMIN_Log format to more AMXX like
- Addition: ScreenFade for both attacker and victim of Serpand Wards

This requires AMXX 1.80 to be installed!! Simply extract this folder in your cstrike, czero, or dod folder, then add it to your plugins.ini!

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How to get WC3FT to work on CS1.5 or Non-Steam Wed Dec 12 07:51pm
FOOLED YOU!!!!!!!!

While others might of gotten it to work, AMXx and WC3FT BOTH require Steam to run properly. I don't care if nobody in your country plays on Steam, Non-Steam servers are illegal and will not be supported here.

All questions regarding Non-Steam servers will be locked. I don't care if it was a simple cvar question, I will lock it
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War3FT Moves to SVN - CVS no longer used Wed Jun 27 07:56pm
FYI - CVS is no longer used, SVN URL can be accessed here:

http://svn.alliedmods.net/viewvc.cgi/tr ... ot=wc3mods
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